Take out in Orleans

There are some days that we order take-out because we are too lazy to cook, as well if we come to that realization and it is past 6pm, it is too late for Max to be out. So, we are fond of the take-out!

There are several places in Orleans that offer great choices for take-out/delivery. I have comprised a list of my favorite places to get take out from:


Boston Pizza – also known as BP Orleans. One of my fave things to get when I’m on my own for the night. I pretty much just stick to pizza for BP as everything else isn’t really as good take-out styles, as it is in the restaurant. It is a tad bit pricey – but very yummy! My recommendation is the Perogy Pizza!


Gabriels – an Ottawa favorite! Pricey as well, but there are deals sometimes (Sens game nights = cheaper pizza). I honestly have to be in the mood for Gabe’s to really enjoy it. It has a tendency of making me sick (sensitive tummy), but P prefers it.

Thai Food:

Yummy Yummy Thai – run by a family. Take out or delivery only though! They have all your fave thai treats – my recommendation is the spicy crispy beef (warning: it is spicy!) and the pad thai. They also have great fresh salad rolls and mango salad.

Chinese Food:

Lucky Star Chinese Food – Another take-out/delivery restaurant. Some great food to be had! We usually get a combination plate (meal for one) if it is just P and I, or some assortment of stuff if we have company over. No MSG used, and it isn’t very greasy! Be warned – they deliver fast!!


St. Hubert’s

Another guilty pleasure. Sometimes we have a hankering for some rotisserie! We almost never go to Swiss Chalet anymore. Sometimes the menu items can be pricey – but look out for the specials. P and I got huge meals (which included coleslaw, a piece of sugar pie and a coke) for $6.50 last week. What a deal! I also like that I can order for a specific time. But, meals can be made in 15 minutes or less – this came in handy once when I got back a trip to Toronto fairly late. The pre-order came in handy when Max was at CHEO for a few days.



Sawa Sushi – This is a new restaurant. Since I can finally have sushi again, we tried it out last week. It was pretty good! It is pricey when it comes to take-out (around 14-16 bucks – but then again, I love sashimi), but really tasty. For a few dollars more you can go to the actual restaurant and have an ‘All-you-can’ feast which includes non-alcoholic drinks and dessert! I had some salmon rolls left over from P’s dinner and they were so good! They also had the best Miso soup I’ve had in awhile!


 Random Other stuff

Farm Boy – Farm Boy has a huge selection of take out foods as well as a kickin’ salad bar (at the Place d’Orleans location). Anything you can think of is there – salad, soup (made fresh on site), sushi, pizza, sandwiches, Mac and Cheese, Chicken, quiche, meat pies – lots of selection! So if you want something in a hurry – go to Farm Boy. You can also grab a pie for dessert while you are at it!


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