Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!!


1. Orleans Sinkhole

If you are in Ottawa, you have heard about the sinkhole. For those who do not know – a sinkhole occurred on one of our major highways in the east end. I live in Orleans, and live roughly 5 minutes away (by car) from the sinkhole. The highway is now closed and that portion of the road is completely dug up. It is crazy! So now, for those who do work outside of Orleans (which is EVERYONE – Orleans is a major bedroom community), they get stuck in major traffic on the two roads that lead into Orleans. Crazy!

2. Class Blog Project

I am having my English class blog on Fridays. We will be looking at some of the big blogs out there and I’m trying to have  a blogger do a little Q&A with us. If you are interested – please email/tweet me!

3. Orchestra!

Orchestra started up last night. For those who are new to this blog/do not know me: I play the cello. All the music that we are playing are pieces that I have played before, so this concert isn’t terribly challenging. Actually, I think I have “Night on Bald Mountain” somewhat memorized…..

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  1. Kristen

    Who do you think you are – Montreal?!?! I thought only we got sinkholes like that.


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