Adventure at the Lusk Caves

Yesterday the Geography classes went on our annual field trip to Lusk Caves. We loaded up the buses at 9:15pm and headed out to Gatineau Park. To get to the caves, we had to walk 5K up a trail. Since it was a proper NCC trail, it was super easy and didn’t really require hiking boots. I wore mine as it is slightly more comfortable for me rather than running shoes (I don’t have a pair of ‘trail shoes’).

When we got to the caves the students kind of split in a couple of groups. There were some that didn’t want to go in the caves, which was fine. I headed in with one group in the first part of the cave. Oh my, the screaming and random F-bomb droppings! The water wasn’t even that cold! The first section features a stream with some nice caves. There is one part where you do have to go in the water up to your knees. It wasn’t too bad. I hung around waiting for the students to get through before heading into the second part.

The second part is the more fun cave. First you have to go down a small little waterfall. It is pretty tricky to get down and you pretty much have to get down on your butt and scoot. Of course you are thinking “oh shoot, I’m wet!”, but you know very well you are going to get even more wet in a few short moments!

So the last part of the cave is pretty much under-water. When you go into this part the ceiling gets very very low. If you don’t have a helmet on you need to keep your hands above your head to make sure you don’t bump the ceiling. The farther you go in – the deeper it gets and the ceiling continues to drop. The last part you have to go all in, and you only have about a foot in between the ceiling and the water. So you have to tilt your head and get out without bumping your head. At this point I definitely started feeling claustrophobic and wanted out as quickly as possible 🙂 Somehow I walked on a loose rock and fell a bit and splashed our lifeguard Lauren – she may have screamed…whoops!

My students had a great time – so much fun that the went in the crazy part of the cave twice. Apparently it was a ‘super awesome trip’

Some pictures!


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