This week I have been driving another vehicle since my jeep is getting some body work done (to fix the rust/prevent future rust). This vehicle belongs to my FIL, who can’t drive anymore, so therefore the car has been sitting around quite a bit recently. The car hasn’t been too bad, until today.

As I was turning off the highway onto a main road I noticed that my gas pedal felt more like a gas pedal. I thought to myself “ok, haven’t had coffee yet, so what am I doing?”. I continued on my way. Then about 2-3K up the road I had to turn left onto the main street near Max’s daycare. That is when my car just died. Power steering went, and the gas no longer worked. But the electrical still worked. Thought “WTF” and tried to pull over to a side road (which I did). I then started the car up again and attempted to make a 3-point turn to turn around to get back on the main road. Yeah…dumbass move. I then really got stuck in the 2-part of the turn. I had to flag someone down to help me push the car to another side road as I had to get the steering wheel turned all the way to the other side. Super fun! (Thanks to whoever that was!!!)

So I called my daycare lady and she came to pick up Max. I called P who told me to check some of the fluids – all good. Next thing we thought about was the gas, especially since we were commenting on how good the gas mileage was the other day. So what we are thinking was the gas gauge was waaaaaaay off (like a good 1/4 of a tank off). So I trucked it to the nearest gas station to get some gas in a red can. The car started after that and I then took the car back to the gas station and put more gas in.

By this point, I wasn’t really up to risking breaking down on the way to school, so I parked the car at the daycare where P can look at it later and he can drive it home. I got a drive from my daycare lady (who had to drive the kids to school – whoopsies…they thought it was great fun to miss some school). After my 1st period class (was a bit late), I rented a car from Enterprise to give me a mode of transportation for the day until P gets home.

I am not really sure it truly is just an empty gas tank. I have never run out of gas before (nor broken down before) so I am really unsure of what happened. Needless to say, I’ve had enough car drama for the day!


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