Energizer Glow Sticks

I have been provided with free Energizer products to

permit me to review them. The opinions expressed in

this post are my own and do not necessarily represent

the opinions of Energizer Canada Inc.

With Halloween around the corner we start thinking about spooky things and fun adventures in the dark! We also start drinking much more pumpkin lattes too 🙂 But since Halloween is around the corner and I now get to participate in Halloween Festivities again because I have a child now! Yes!

So the people at Energizer gave me a few products to try and one of the ones that I have liked the most is the Energizer Glow Stick. We all know what glow sticks are and have probably used one from time to time. But the sad thing about the traditional glow sticks is the fact that they run out and are ‘one use only’. So, Energizer has created a battery-operated glow stick!

The glowstick is a bit bigger than your old glowstick and is kind of shaped like a mini-light saber. It runs on 3 A76 coin cell Batteries and also has a handy lanyard.  It comes in a couple of colours, with mine being red. Best part is – it isn’t just a glowstick! It is a 3-1 product that you can use as 1) a glowstick 2) a flashlight and 3) safety light (the red light blinks on and off). It is very light weight and is very easy to use.

There are many different uses for the Energizer Glowstick. Here are some of the uses that I thought of (and tried)

– Glowstick for dance party time

– Pretending to be a Star Wars or Harry Potter Character (playtime with wands and light saber)


– Directing students in a dark cave (true story!) or any other field trip

– A fun prop for silly pictures! (twirl the light around while taking pictures)

– Safety light for Halloween Trick or Treating in the dark

– An alternative to a sparkler during a fireworks show

– Playing airport using two of the glowsticks as a ‘air traffic control’ device

Overall I really like the glowsticks and will probably be picking up a couple more. My students thought it was funny that I was directing them in a cave using a glowstick! Also, being environmental conscious – rather than buying regular glowsticks time and time again – you can buy one Energizer glowstick and lasts a whole lot longer and doesn’t involve lots of waste!

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