Goodbye Fall Leaves + Hurricane Sandy

So all over the news for the past couple of days was Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane caused a significant amount of damage on the Eastern Seaboard including Atlantic City and New York City. Of course the internets went crazy with fake pictures and other hysteria. But regardless the storm did a large amount of damage and is blamed for at least 16 deaths so far.

Here in Ottawa we barely had anything. Earlier in the day yesterday, the weather forecast changed and we pretty much were told that we wouldn’t be getting the brunt of the storm. It was kind of windy yesterday, but we barely had any rain! Right now there is some sunshine and it is freakishly warm – 17 degrees! Last night I didn’t hear a thing – but I attribute that more to being exhausted and sound asleep!

Anyways – the news last night on CNN was borderline ridiculous. But what do I expect from CNN? The poor reporter standing in the water in Atlantic City for hours was just crazy-town. Did he really need to be standing in the waters all evening long? I don’t think so! We get the point: hurricanes are filled with wind and rain. No need to have ‘live’ reporting! Plus with webcams, we can easily just watch a storm without endangering peoples lives! At one point it looked as if he was going to fall – he didn’t.

So remember my post a couple of weeks ago about my pretty red tree? Well it is bare now! I guess winter is truly on its way. Should dig out my snow boots!


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  1. Jean

    That’s so funny (and awful, too, I suppose)-I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I was watching the CNN reporter in Atlantic City. Like, verbatim. Webcams, people! Come on!


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