iMac’s first Mac-hospital Visit

So if you have been following me on Twitter you may have seen that I have been having some difficulty with my iMac’s fan. After spending some time with Apple Phone Support doing a variety of fixes – the noise was still there. So I was advised to visit the Genius Bar to have them take a look at it.  We also scheduled a visit for P’s iPhone as well as it has been having some dropped calls and whatnot.


So we booted it over to Rideau Centre after work to the Apple Store. They plugged the iMac in and the quick diagnostics said that the fan was working as it should. So it had to go to the back where they can run more tests and more importantly listen to the fan in a non-noisy environment. Unfortantely this means that the iMac had to have a sleep over at the store and I am down to one Mac for the evening 🙁 waa waa waaaa


They took a look at P’s iPhone and there may be an issue with it that may mean a complete replacement – so we will see!



Ugh….couldn’t get the picture to flip the other way. Oh well!

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