Network TV and new Apple Products

I love Fall. I like sweater weather, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Halloween and the approaching holiday season. Another reason why I love Fall is the return of network TV shows. I do not watch much TV, some nights it isn’t even turned on. But there are some shows that I must watch every week. So far this season, my fave TV shows are:

Grey’s Anatomy – I have been watching Grey’s since the second season. Getting a bit annoying, but still good to watch. I am a bit disappointed that Sloan and little Grey are off. But that happens. Considering that I used to watch the show ER where everyone pretty much died – I’m a little used to characters being killed off. But seriously – why every single time…people change jobs you know!

Parenthood – Started watching this show because of Lauren Graham, and now is probably my favorite show. I find a few characters really annoying but I really like the child actors on the show. Some of the story lines are a bit off sometimes, but it works!

Modern Family – I never watch this show when it is on as I am at orchestra on Wednesday nights. I usually watch it on Friday. I love all the actors in this show, they are so funny! Then there is Ed O’Neill. You can’t get enough of him!

Amazing Race – Despite this show being on the air for so long, I’ve only recently started watching in the last year. This year’s season is a bit of a yawn-fest in terms of the teams, but it is still fun to watch the race! Last year they were in Sydney and it was really cool to watch them at Manly Beach where I have been before!

That is about it for the shows that I watch every week. However there are some shows that I watch regularly, just not every week. Most of them are on Slice, HGTV or Food Network. My current fave line-up are: Princess, Urban/Suburban, Chopped, Iron Chef, House Hunters, Deadliest Catch, Highway through Hell.


Some new Apple products were released today: Namely the iPad mini and the new iMac. Kind of a piss off since I *just* bought my new iMac this summer. But that is the gamble you play with Apple. You know that if you get a computer kind of close to the end of a cycle period with one of their products, you risk being a bit disappointed. Now saying that, I don’t know what the appeal would be for a thinner iMac, other than that it looks good. I don’t really notice the size of my screen though. I would notice on a Macbook though! There are some noticeable upgrades in terms of computer power and storage – but that is very standard in the computer world. Every year everything gets bigger and better. Remember when hard drive sizes of 100GB used to be ‘so aweesome!”. However, in saying all of this —> I bought the computer during the summer education sale where I received a bit of a discount, plus was given a free $100 Apple gift card. So, totally worth it 🙂

The new iPad mini. Well, not sure about that one. I have a iPad 2 and I like the size of the screen. I don’t really have a need for a smaller screen. But I can see the attraction – especially for those who use it more on the fly. But for now, I will just stick with my iPad 2.

Really – I should be saving for a new iPhone instead 🙂

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