Rattle me Bones Race + Friday Night Night In

Good Friday to you all!

This is a really late post (for me) as today was a bit of a gong show of ridiculous proportions in terms of job stuff. But here we are 🙂


Rattle me Bones!

This race is coming up rather fast. As stated before, I am just doing the 5K, so I haven’t really been ‘training’ at all as I can run a decent 5K without really running. However, due to the above mentioned gong show – I will be making it a rule that I no longer spend my days working from 8-4pm when I am only being paid for half a day. So this means more running! Especially since my work is super duper close to my running trail!



So….I’ve been noticing that some people have been getting to my site by searching for Rattle me Bones – Hello!! Some have been looking for a map. It is located here

The route:

I did not run this race last year as I was a tad bit pregnant, but I did run the race last year. The course for the 5K race is pretty easy in terms of terrain and hills. The difference between this year’s race and 2010 is that we are going in reverse of what I did before. We will start off one of the main complex roads in front of the General. We will travel primarily on roads around the hospital. The first bit is all within the complex of Ottawa Hospital and CHEO. We will start turning around CHEO and then head to Valour and Alta Vista. From what my I remember, we will go downhill a bit on Valour. Alta Vista might have a bit of a hill – but nothing too stressful. Afterwards we turn onto Smyth (main road – flat!) for a bit  and then back up to ‘Ring Road’ (which is the hospital road) to the finish. Easy Peasy!

The only thing I am concerned about is how cold it will be. That is about it. Two years ago, it was cold and rainy, but not too bad! I am not sure how many people I know will be running the race, but I know Coach C will be there to watch as his daughter is racing. Two years ago I decided to walk for a few minutes at the last KM, and I got yelled at by Coach C. He also said that there is to be no more excuses (i.e. having a baby) I should be going faster…..ha.ha.ha.

Friday Night In

Paul is doing a conference thing tonight so Max and I were home alone. Although I was going to do Sawa Sushi tonight, I opted for some Carb overloading via Boston Pizza. It was mighty tasty. I also grabbed some cupcakes from Carla’s Cakes in the mall too (I only ate one though – the other is for tomorrow).  Yeah, I don’t want to think about the sodium content in what I ate, but oh well! Everyone deserves a junk food night!





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  1. Life of K

    I totally would have eaten both cupcakes! Hope you had a relaxing night after your crap day.


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