Running Update

This isn’t much of an update because I quite frankly haven’t been running…or working out…or doing anything.


Right now school is kicking my butt big time. School meaning both my job and my Ottawa U course. This was an assignment week for my grad school class, so every free moment I had was spent either writing or editing my partner’s work. Speaking of partner – I am so glad that I elected to work with someone on this assignment. Just having another person take care of half the word count makes my life so much easier. We just have to do one more big paper assignment and some sort of poster assignment as a large group.

In terms of my job – even though I only teach two courses, I still have lots of work to do. I also take over other people’s classes in my free periods every once and awhile (say every other day?). What complicates things is that I only stay at school til 4pm max, and when I pick up the boy named Max, I am busy from 4pm-8pm and NOTHING gets done during that time. By 9pm – I don’t really feel like working anymore. So time crunches happen and I just simply do not have time to work out. I don’t get a lunch ‘hour’ so even though I know people work out at lunch – I can’t. I also can’t eat on the job either (imagine me eating a burger while teaching – FUNNY).

What I need to start doing is taking Max out for a spin in the Chariot again. Since I only have a 5K coming up, distance isn’t really a factor and most of my runs can be 3-4K. So perhaps tomorrow I will go for a run!



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