Tuesday Update

This shall be a hodge podge type of post as it is Tuesday and I feel very scattered today!

After work we are trekking it to the Apple store to take a look at my iMac and P’s iPhone. My iMac’s fan has been very noisy lately so I want to get it checked out. I have run iStat and everything is well in the normal range in terms of temperature, fan speed and CPU use, so I am thinking that the fan is either dirty or needs fixing. I can always hear the fan running. It is quite annoying and it does sound like something is loose. I’ve already had a nice chat with an Apple Support rep via the phone and completed a bunch of easy-to-do remedies – but it is still noisy. To be clear – this isn’t a noise that sounds like the fan is running overtime. It is different than that. Poor iMac!


In a rare moment of talking about my job – I am starting my fave unit in Grade 9 Geography – Physical Geography. I made my intro powerpoint last night and decided to have a bit too much fun with the pictures. I’m pretty sure nobody but me finds this funny – but here is one picture that I made last night


Told you…. Probably a bit too corny. Oh well, hopefully the grade nines like it 🙂


I need some more blogs to read! Have I read yours yet? If you don’t think I have, write a comment with a link to your blog!


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