Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

I can’t remember where I saw it, but someone asked the question: “What do you prefer, Black Friday or Cyber Monday?”.  Good question!

Well for me, the big thing is – I’m Canadian and I have to work on Friday. So, shopping on ‘Black Friday’ = not a possibility. But even if I could, I would probably not be one of those shoppers that lines up for hours to shop with thousands of people.

or would I?

A few years back I did line up at a Future Shop to purchase my Canon T2i DSLR camera that was on sale for hundreds off. P was also in need of a new CPU, and Boxing Sales are usually pretty good for computers. Knowing that the stock they had on hand wouldn’t last long, we decided to get up early at head to the store at 6am. I really don’t know what I was thinking. Considering that less than a year later I would never been allowed to sleep in again – I now wish I just slept in instead! However, it was fun and we got in the store as soon as it opened. Nobody rushed the doors, everyone seemed to be in a good mood, and Future Shop was ready for us. I managed to get my camera, but P didn’t like any of the computers there. We eventually found one at Best Buy, but there was an issue. The problem? There was only one left – and two other people wanted it. The best part? The sales person had no idea where this computer was located (it wasn’t where it was supposed to be). So I literally checked every single computer box on the floor and found it. I quickly flagged down P where we made a run for it before anyone saw that we had it, as we were not the ‘first in line’ for the computer. Yes it was one of those “START THE CAR” moments!

We were at Best Buy around lunch hour. It was super crazy there and the store was a mess. It was a totally different experience at around noon, than at 6am. In all honesty, I would probably prefer to line up early then deal with the crowds once everyone wakes up. However, Black Friday is apparently very different. The videos and documentaries that I have seen are just crazy. Yes, the sales look good – but oh my gosh, the crowds and the chaos! Remember last year when people were pepper sprayed!

I do like Cyber Monday. Some of the Black Friday sales do pop up on websites starting on Friday (Apple has its once a year sale on Friday), but many hold off until Monday. Last year, I was super duper happy that had a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch on sale for 50% off. It has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. Some of the sites also swing in free shipping – which for me, makes shopping online even more lucrative. Last year I believe I bought 75% of my presents online. I will be doing the same this year. If a website is offering free shipping, and the store is located further away, it is actually cheaper for me to buy the product online than drive the gas guzzler of a jeep to the store. Also – with Max now, it means one less hauling out of the car seat and into a stroller moment for me.

Stores/E-Stores that I frequently shop at are:

Old Navy  – My store around here is ok – but stock is better online. They offer free shipping for orders over $50 and free returns that are super easy. I just bought a wool coat and an infinity scarf for $45 tax included.

Amazon – For all your DVD/Book/Electronic needs – Cyber Monday sales are great, but products will run out fast!

Apple – My store is located downtown, which requires paid parking. When I bought my iMac, it was here within a week with free shipping and I didn’t have to lug the heavy box in the mall

Chapters/Indigo – CDN book store for all your book needs.

Hudson’s Bay – Mainly for Team Canada Olympic gear as my store here in Orleans sucks the big one. Sometimes they have great deals and occasionally offer free shipping.

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  1. Melanie

    Love Old Navy online! I just realized I’ll be on vacation Monday…so no cyber deals for me this year 🙁 have fun shopping!


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