Busted shoulder/arm

Every once and awhile I do something to my upper body that makes everything “hurt real bad”. This year’s injury is my right arm and shoulder area. The cause of injury is a whole hodgepodge of things: lifting up Max, rehearsing with my orchestra 3x last week (more than usual), having a crappy chair and desk at work, and the going back to work thing.  All this has equally some nagging pain that is getting really annoying rather quickly. The pain started in my shoulder about a month ago and has started to go down into my other joints.

A few days ago I had enough and booked a massage therapy session at a new clinic down the street from my work called Orleans Convent Glen Massage Clinic. I only had time for a 30 minute appointment today, my massage therapist got some work done on my shoulders, but my arms will have to wait until Sunday. I’ve booked an hour long massage for Sunday with hopes that I can get my muscles and such all better.


In the mean time I am trying to limit how much time I spend in front of the computer, limiting the amount of time I work at my desk at school, and lifting Max using my left arm, not the right. If the problem doesn’t go away by next week, it is off to the doctor for me!

Apparently body pain is part of being a parent – especially those who have children who are at that “mobile but not walking” stage. Mr. Max can pretty much get anywhere he wants in the house and he thinks it is absolutely hilarious for Mommy to chase him. One of our little routines at night is a change of the nappy and then he gets put on the carpet. A second later he takes off down the hall, looking back every couple of crawls to see if I am chasing him, giggling like a monkey. Anyways, he needs to be picked up to go up and down stairs, to be put in the car seat, to be put to bed. There is no way I cannot pick him up 10-20x a day. So all this up and down lifting of a baby who squirms and is 20lbs = one bunged up shoulder/arm.

I’m sure my arm will start feeling better soon! Or that Max starts walking soon….although I am pretty sure I will wish otherwise when he does start walking 🙂 I should also hit up the Nordik one of these days..

Anyone else out there have aches and pains?



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  1. Life of K

    That sounds painful and yes, there’s no way you can not pick up your kid.


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