Farm Boy Indian Sauces

With the whole going back to work thing, having a ‘almost toddler’ baby and just general life busy-ness, there are nights that I simply do not have the time to cook a full, from scratch meal. Because of my aversion to frozen dinners, sometimes I have to be creative or get some help from the jarred food section. Yes, I do realize that jarred food/sauces are just about as bad as processed frozen food, but there is one culinary treat that many many people use jarred sauce/spices for: CURRY. Heck, even Jaime Oliver says in his ‘Food Revolution’ cookbook that using the jarred spices is ok. Making the curries can take time and a bit of patience. I have made tikka masala before (a slow cooker recipe), but it takes a long time to make a meal that way.

Generally I’ve used the Presidents Choice Indian food sauces, but recently I stumbled upon Farm Boy’s brand. I picked up a jar of Korma sauce to try the other night.


To make my version of Indian food, I sauté some chicken, add vegetables and through it on to some basmati rice. It is pretty easy and pretty tasty! The version I made the other night was: chicken, celery, peas and carrots. When everything (mainly the chicken) is cooked, I simply put the sauce in the pan and cooked it all together for about 10 minutes.


The results: yummy yummy! The sauce had a bit of a bite to it, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It smelled great, as proven by the numerous comments the next day as I mirco’d some leftovers.

So try it if you happen to be at Farm Boy!

Please note: I was not compensated in any way with my review of the Farm Boy Indian Korma cooking sauce. I happen to enjoy Farm Boy Products! All opinions are my own.

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