I was hacked…..

So this morning someone decided to hack me – how nice!!!

So after talking to my hosting site, I came to the decision to do a complete wipe and re-install of the blog. There are still some bits that need to be managed – but at least the site is working again.

This afternoon will be spent re-jigging things around and re-installing my plug ins and what not. To be 100% honest, the only thing I was really worried about is losing the posts – the rest doesn’t matter

Don’t I feel super popular now

3:30pm edit – apparently I was not the only one who was hacked. This appears to have been a server problem, although they are saying it is a wordpress problem. Yikes! Again, I probably could have easily found the problem (well I know what the issue was, just didn’t know how to fix it properly), but just giving it a clean go seems like a better idea).

Anyways – Anyone out there have a suggestion for a new host??

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  1. Mary

    That sucks you got hacked! Hope it’s not too much work getting everything set back up.

    My twitter has been hacked lately….luckily the hacked posts weren’t anything too crazy!

    1. rebecca (Post author)

      Getting the site back up wasn’t bad – once I decided to just delete and start with a clean copy, everything else is easy. But the small things (ads, badges, photos) do not get transferred as easily – so it will take me the afternoon to fix everything.

      There is probably a way easier way of fixing a hacked blog, but requires a bit more computer knowledge I think!

  2. Nellie

    that sucks, sorry about that!

    1. rebecca (Post author)

      It does! But at least I am learning more and more about this blogging business 🙂

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