NaBloPoMo Post: If you could have any job

Today’s prompt is:  If you could have any job (and instantly have the training and qualifications to do it), which job would you want?

Funny, my grade nine’s asked me this last week. For me the decision is a quick one: An OB-GYN.

I have always thought about being a doctor, but my lack of edu-ma-cation in the sciences has always held me back. I didn’t do so well in Grade 11 Chemistry and that pretty much set me back in the sciences from then on. I majored in Geography at University and didn’t really take any hardcore sciences while there. So, when it came to choosing my post-degree career choice, I left med-school out of it. Plus, for financial reasons, I felt that I couldn’t do it (Med school = mucho $$).

So, if I could – I would become an OB-GYN. Now why would I choose that speciality? Well first off, I wouldn’t want to be a GP – I would want to work in a hospital setting. I have an interest in child birth, pregnancy and certain womanly issues so the OB-GYN speciality fit. Also, OB-GYN’s do surgeries (I wouldn’t want to be just in surgery).

Now obviously there are some really big drawbacks to being an OB-GYN, drawbacks that usually remind me that I did make a good decision in not applying to Med School. Babies die, mothers die and outside the whole death thing – there are some ‘not so great’ woman health issues that are kind of gross. Then there is the screaming. For those who have ever been on a L&D wing, you know what I’m talking about. I still have nightmares about the screaming (for the record, I did not partake in any screaming). But, still it would be a really cool career!

What are some of your dream jobs?


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