Next Race: Resolution Run

A friend at work last week asked if I was planning on running the Resolution Run this year, a race by  The Running Room that is held on Dec. 31st or January 1st. I had heard of the race, but had not considered it before. I took a look online and saw that the Ottawa run had already sold out, so I was a bit disappointed. After hammering out my Christmas/New Years plans, I would now be in Mississauga for New Years Eve. So I signed up for the Resolution Run running out of Running Room Mississauga-Port Credit.

I have not run a race in Mississauga yet, so this will be a change of pace. Also, I have not run a race at night yet, so this will definitely be a new experience! I have run a winter race before, and I’m not too worried, unless it is freezing rain! This is just a 5K race, so it will be short and sweet!

The Resolution Run has been going on for quite some time – this is the 28th year for it. The race is run by The Running Room in several different cities. Most races are 5K, but there are some 10K races out there. It can also be a run or a walk – all are welcome. The best part? When you enter, rather than getting a typical t-shirt, you get a Resolution Run Jacket – YAY!

So if you are interested, go to the Resolution Run site and see if your city is listed – However Montreal and Ottawa, you are out of luck as it has already sold out!

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  1. Mary

    Glad you got into a Resolution Run somewhere!
    I saw the jackets at the Running Room on the weekend and they are really nice!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      yay! I’m excited!


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