No Time

Ok, so my post went off into cyber-space, but that is ok!

Good news is that my host switch-over is happening. I may still go offline at some point for a bit, but maybe not! 

I’m also planning a little bit of a resign on the blog. My new host gave me a suggestion of a website that has blog templates for sale at a much cheaper price than getting a designer to design a blog just for you. I have some looking to do, thats for sure!


Anyways….my post this morning basically summed up why I am kind of slacking in certain departments (running, friends, cleaning) because of how busy I am.

Yeah….that was this morning.

This afternoon, things got even busier!

I got a phone call in class saying that Max was sick. I finished off that class (which was my last for the day) and then got into the car to pick up Max. Poor little guy had a high fever and wasn’t having a good day. We are at home now and he is getting better. Hoping that he doesn’t get sicker! ¬†Unfortunately, like many other careers, having to not be at work with my work = stress. I have my emergency lesson plans ready for tomorrow, but I really dislike missing more than one day of school at a time (when it isn’t planned).

Even with all of this, I still had to take a call this PM about my new online course gig. So much fun trying to “talk business” when you have a whining infant in your arms/on the floor/running around/getting into things. Ahh! ¬†Right now he is in his crib having a little rest. I’m hoping he gets a good nights sleep tonight, but who knows!

Alrighty, time to get back at it!

Have a great evening!

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