Three Things Friday – Boo!! Edition

Happy 1st of November everyone!

Since yesterday was Halloween, I shall make this week’s ‘Three Things Thursday’ all about Halloween!

Thing #1 – Max helps with trick or treating!

Ok – well not really. More like “oh my gosh, I get to sort through all these brightly coloured things!”. We didn’t really get to go trick or treating as I had orchestra and by the time we had dinner it was getting too close to the time that I needed to go. But we still dressed up Max and handed out candy!  He didn’t really like putting on the costume, he would rather play with it.


Thing #2 – Costumes at school!

I wore my Batgirl costume to school (with some layers of course). We take our costume wearing pretty seriously at my school. Most of the staff wore a costume of some sort. The best had to be Colonel Sanders for sure!


Thing #3 – Costume at orchestra!

Some of us decided to continue wearing our costumes at orchestra last night. Those of us that did got a prize from one of the trumpet players. Here is Mr. Bitey going for a ride on my cello.

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