Three Things Thursday!

Morning everyone,

I actually forgot it was Thursday for a minute there. After yesterdays events I am a little tired today!


Thing 1: Still fixing things

Yes, some of my images are gone, while some are back up. It will take me a couple of days to get everything back up to normal again after yesterday’s mass hacking. I am investigating different hosts now in order to move my blog somewhere a bit more stable with better customer service! I do like doing some of the webpage management stuff myself – but I do need help from time to time.

Thing 2: 3-point turn bad luck!

So on Tuesday night we were dropping off the jeep to get some more roof body work done. While P was dropping off the keys, I took the Honda (the manual transmission car) for a spin around the parking lot. I was doing good – I’m starting to get the whole stop-start thing a bit better. Anyhoo – I had to turn around to pick up P and was in the middle of a 3-point turn when I stalled while in reverse (how – I don’t know). I tried to turn the engine over and start again, when the car made a ticking noise. I thought “what the hell….?” and thought that I couldn’t start up the engine in reverse. So I popped it into first and tried again. No luck. By this point these two construction guys were laughing. I then started thinking that I did something so messed up like the gears exploded or something. P started walking back and was laughing. He said that the battery was dead. He was idling the car waiting for me in the parking lot and the Honda gets all pissy when that happens – so when you turn off the car, the battery will be dead. Lovely! So once again, the car broke down while I was in the middle of a three point turn (just like last time).

So I learned how to ‘push start’ a manual. I’m not exactly how it works, but if you have the car in gear, and push it – you can start it somehow. When we were getting ready to push the car I kinda wanted to yell a la ‘Cool Runnings’ “It’s Bobsled time – COOOOL RUNNINS”. But I didn’t.

Thing #3 – Need to go to the movies!

I have only seen one evening movie in the past year (I did go to 3 baby and me movies – they don’t count). I have heard that the new James Bond movie is pretty good. I think we could manage going to an 8pm show now that Max pretty much goes to bed at 7:30. Mama needs to watch some Bond action!


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