Three Things Thursday: Yummy Food Edition

I like my food. I have always liked my food. I remember when I was 6 or 7 years old and at one of those McDonald Caboose Birthday Parties (if you are from Mississauga and about my age, you no doubt remember ‘The Caboose’), and ordering a Big Mac rather than a Happy Meal. Over the course of time, I pretty much have been willing to try anything. I still like to try anything new and I still very much so enjoy my food. Even though I do have some food sensitivities,  I have been known to ignore them from time to time.  Every once and awhile I get a real hankering for some scrambled eggs, and even though I will probably be cursing those eggs out while sitting in a ball in the corner, I still eat them.

So today’s Three Things Thursday are my three foods that I could eat anytime, anywhere

1. Perogys

I really don’t care how many times I’ve heard Paul Plakas call perogys the devil – I love them! It is a mix of the dough and the potato filling that just makes these little pockets of heaven so good. My favorite kind is the standard cheese and potato, but I’ve never said no to a perogy! I have attempted to make them once, but I still need some practice. One of my co-workers makes them and although we all have to share, I just want to grab 10-15 of them and eat them all.

2. French Fries

I love all fries: plain fries, sweet potato fries, baked fries, wedges, spicy fries…..

I just love fries!

When I do have them at home, I usually just bake them myself. Although a package of McCain crinkle cut fries made it in the house last week. At the restaurant I will usually pick sweet potato fries if it is on offer. Gotta have some spicy mayo with it though!


3. Pie

Who doesn’t love pie? Like fries, I tend to enjoy all types of pie except sugar pie and cherry pie. I will still eat those pies, but they are not kinds that I would purchase on my own. Although I do tend to make a large portion of my food, pies are one thing that I let other people make for me. I enjoy pies from Farm Boy and from Orleans Bakery. My favorite pie would have to be a mixed berry pie, followed very closely by pumpkin pie!

Alrighty, have a great Thursday everyone! Grey’s is on tonight!

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  1. Kristen

    your tags make it look like perogy pie might be a thing. i wonder what that would be like…

    1. Rebecca

      Hmmm – Savory dough with the filling in the middle with a bacon lattie!


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