U.S. Elections: NaBloPoMo Post

Today’s blog post prompt is: “what are your thoughts about tomorrow’s election in the United States?”

Well, I am Canadian and for obvious reasons not voting in the U.S. elections, so my views are strictly from an outsider looking in. Since Canada is right next to the United States, the elections DO have an impact on Canada even though we are not voting. The U.S. electoral system is very different from the system we use in Canada, so it tends to confuse me at times. It is interesting to see the process though! However I am getting a bit sick of the coverage (since the campaign process is so long), so in a way I am ready for it all to be over.

Apparently the polls are suggesting that the race for the popular vote is a close one. I’m not exactly sure how it is possible, but I guess a large portion of Americans believe that Romney is going to change the economic status of the U.S. and that Obama has not been as fantastic as we all hoped he would be. To be quite frank, I do not trust Romney. Any time that I have watched him in debates, I have not been impressed. The whole ‘binders full of women’, thinking that single parents are a cause of gun violence, and how employers should be flexible with women so they can have enough time to take care of the children and make dinner just rubs me the wrong way. He doesn’t answer questions properly, his ‘economic and job creation plans’ are not plans but rather thoughts, and he seems to like to just point out all the things Obama has wrong. During one debate I swear that Obama was trying so hard not to burst out laughing.

Of course you may disagree with me, but that is ok! Again, I am Canadian so I do not have the time nor the need to really analyze the whole campaign. I just heard some wonky things come out of Romney!

The elections tomorrow are bound to be interesting! I am looking forward to watching the coverage, eating some non-healthy snacks and seeing who will elected President!

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