2012 Goals Review

It is almost the end of 2012 – a very fast year in my books. Last year, I wrote a post about 2012 goals. Since the year is up, I guess it is time to review them:


For a recap, my goals of 2012


– Running: Do a sub-30 5K again, run the 10K in the Ottawa Run Weekend and if Max likes the Chariot, the half in the Army Run. Goal achieved!  I ran two sub-30’s (one with the chariot) and ran the Army Run Half!

– Max: To not become lazy in terms of being with Max.  Once the weather warms up and the salt/snow is off the ground, we will be out a lot more.  Wish we had some things around the neighbourhood to go to (other than the park). Goal Achieved. During the summer we almost always went for a walk or to the park!

– Weight/staying fit:  Lose another 10 pounds (5 of which is baby weight).  Tone up and try to find my abs again (where are you abs??) I would say goal achieved. I lost all the baby weight and a bit more. My abs are kind of there, but not 6-pack styles or anything.

– Make at least one new real friend. Hmmm, I think goal achieved!

– Clean out my closet and start wearing more coordinated outfits, not just phys-ed wear! (So hard though…). Goal achieved. Although some days I’m lazy and just wear jeans and a sweater – I have thought about what I wear a bit more. My closet was cleaned out twice.

– Attempt one new recipe a month – goal not achieved. Tried a few new things for sure, but not once a month. 

– Put pictures in a photo album! HA! Not achieved. Not even close. 

– Stop complaining! Working on it…..


– Make dents in our debt – making progress for sure! Our big debt is going down, which is nice. I think another year and we will be debt free (minus our mortgage)

– Start an RESP for Max – goal not achieved. But I need to get on this…

– Start saving for a new computer to purchase in 2013 – Goal achieved early, thanks to a stellar income tax return and going back to school stupid early. 

– Make a plan to earn an income if teaching does not work out for Sept. 2012 or January 2013. Supply teaching alone is simply not an option due to Daycare costs. – I went back to work really early as I did get another contract/LTO job. Worried about next semester though.







Overall, I think I did pretty good! I set reasonable goals and met most of them. If I didn’t, it was probably because I forgot (photos and recipes). Thinking about next year’s goals, I should write them down somewhere!

I will post my 2013 goals on the 1st!

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  1. K

    You did all that with a little one – impressive!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I did! But I did have the best baby ever….

  2. Melanie

    You accomplished a ton! Looking forward to seeing the next set of goals!


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