52 New Things *Official List*

This is a quick post as I’m a little busy today – don’t think I’ve stopped since 7am.


But – I’m promised: Here is my list of 52 New Experiences for 2013!


Although this is an official list. It is still ‘tentative’. Although I do know some weeks that it would be hard to do certain things, and some dates that are guaranteed to happen (triathlon, volunteering at a running event). Stuff like ‘try a new fitness class or food’ can be put anywheres. I hope to stick to my list though!


So stay tuned for blog posts related to my 52 new things! This week’s item is Run a Race at Night!  Which was accomplished this evening!  I will post more about that tomorrow I think! I will also do my usual ‘yearly goals’ post too!

Have a safe an enjoyable New Years Eve everyone!

52 Things all

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  3. Mary

    Awesome list!! Good luck with all 52!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thanks 🙂


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