Flu Shot what?!?

For those who know me “in real life” – you probably have heard me complain about the flu shot from time to time and how my immune system is great and I don’t need no stinkin needle.

Yeah – well that was before the days of ‘a child in daycare’ 

For the past two weeks I’ve had a mild form of the flu, had headaches, been dizzy and now I have some stupid cold. Today at school there was a flu shot clinic, so I filled out my form, sat in line and received one flu shot!

It took less than 30 minutes, which included the 15 minute waiting period (in case of allergies). I am hoping that this helps avoid the flu this season. I know I cannot avoid colds and general sickness, but the flu is bad news! This year is looking like it will be particularly bad as many of my friend’s kids seem to be sick as well. *Or* I am actually paying attention to people’s stories about their kids….


I am still getting over this cold. Today was so super awesome as I lost my voice during my grade 9 geography class. They thought this was absolutely hilarious. It is not. I need my voice! ahh, where is my tea?

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