Happy 1st Birthday Max!

Today is a very special day as Max turns 1 today! Yay Hooray!


It's my Birthday!

It’s my Birthday!

This was a very quick year. Although in some ways it does seem like forever ago that I couldn’t just place Max on the floor to play and the whole getting up at 2am to feed thing. But in other ways, the time just flew by as it doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was on mat leave and we were finding ways to go out every day and experience new things.

Since the first year has gone by rather quickly, I’m assuming that he will grow up super fast! But that is ok in some ways. It will be fun when he is a little bit more independent and starts doing all the typical kid things. But the terrible two’s are next year and I’m a bit worried about that 😉

So, I haven’t updated on Max’s new ‘things’ in awhile, so here is an update:

– He cannot walk yet. He seems a bit scared too. He cruises (holding on to furniture while walking) quite well and he also “walks” on his knees. Max will walk when he wants to.

– He babbles all the time – and screams. It is quite funny sometimes. He hasn’t really said anything constantly enough for me to say he knows how to say “mama” or “dada”. But he understands quite a bit! If I ask him where certain toys are, he will go and get them.

– He has lots of friends. Every day his friend and daycare comes running to him when we walk in the door. He likes to socialize and have fun. Max also still enjoys saying hi to people at the mall or in restaurants.

– Max has become somewhat of a picky eater – but this is very normal for his age. He is a carbs-king and loves berries, bananas and dairy products. It is just vegetables he is picky about. But everyday it changes. One day he likes broccoli, the next he doesn’t.

– Max likes to climb – the stairs, boxes, the couch – everything! I have to be careful now when I place him down as he likes to climb whatever is around.



The year of being a baby is over – we are now into toddlerhood! I’m pretty sure that he will be a bit of a challenge as he is very curious about life and wants to inspect everything. I’m also sure that once he learns how to walk – he will be running all over the place!

Have a nice day everyone! I shall be eating cake lots this weekend!

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