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Yesterday, Max, P, and my parents headed to Strathmere Inn in North Gower for their annual Christmas on the Farm. Strathmere is a wedding and conference centre about 30 minutes west of Ottawa. In my opinion, they put on the best weddings in Ottawa.  P and I were married there two years ago, and since then quite a few of my friends have been married there as well! The food is incredible. Pretty much the best wedding banquet food you will get in this area. The Christmas on the Farm event is one of the few events in the year that they run were you can just sign up and come in and enjoy a great buffet brunch. Their Mother’s Day Buffet is equally as fun and delicious! They are planning on expanding by adding a Nordic bath area and opening the Inn for regular service guests (right now you basically have to be at an event to book a room) in the next year or so.

Christmas on the Farm includes a most excellent hot and cold buffet featuring some of their popular dishes: baked brie, salmon, prime rib, baked apple crumble, assortment of salads, and your usual breakfast foods: scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and hash browns. There is also a plentiful dessert table and juice to enjoy. I think my Dad and P had five plates each, and my Mom had numerous helpings of the salmon. Max? He enjoyed himself too! He had salmon, eggs, ham (his favorite), pasta salad, berries and apple crumble. I had three plates! My favorite was the baked brie and salmon, followed closely by the perfectly cooked scrambled eggs! The only negative that I would add is they did not have enough high chairs to go around. So if you are interested for next year: bring your own booster or portable high chair!






I did not get many food shots, as I kind of forgot. I told you I was a craptacular food blogger!

Dessert plate

Dessert plate

IMG_3872 - Version 2

After you stuff your faces with food: there are winter activities to enjoy: sleigh rides, an outdoor fire, and Santa! Max was rather curious about Santa. I was half expecting him to tug at his beard or something. We didn’t partake in the sleigh ride this year, but the outdoor fire was really nice! They had hot drinks and marshmallows to enjoy by the fire.





If you haven’t been to Strathmere yet: you seriously need to add them to Twitter or Facebook so you can get in on the Mother’s Day Brunch and next year’s Christmas. These events sell out weeks in advance (Mother’s Day sold out a month or so in advance if I remember correctly). If you happen to be invited to a wedding there: RSVP yes!!! You will NOT be disappointed!

Please note that I was not compensated in any way by Strathmere for this review. The opinions are my own and my parents paid for our meal 🙂


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