The Works Festive Turkey Burger

Usually we go out for dinner on Friday nights – I’m usually spent and don’t really feel like cooking. Plus our weekends tend to be busy so it is nice to go out as a family and have a nice dinner out. Max doesn’t mind – he loves restaurants. We decided to mix things up a bit and go to ‘The Works’ – which is a fantastic Burger joint that started in Ottawa,  but now has locations in other parts of Ontario. You go there for burgers – nothing else (they do have other things on the menu – but it is a burger joint). Usually it takes me 10 minutes to select a burg from their massive burger list. Last night it only took me 2 seconds. Why? Because their ‘special burger’ was a Turkey Festive Burger!

The Turkey Festive Burger is a turkey patty, topped with a layer of stuffing, lettuce, cranberry sauce and smothered in gravy! It was too good to pass up. Both P and I ordered it, with sweet potato fries on the side for me, poutine for P. Max had a Plain Jack burger with cucumber slices.  The burgers came and oh my, was it a mess! I used approximately 4 napkins and got some gravy in my hair (you can’t take me anywhere). But oh how delicious! The stuffing really made the burger – it was real stuffing that seemed to have been grilled, so it has a nice layer of crispy goodness. The gravy (which was the messy part) made everything mush together nicely. The sweet potato fries paired nicely with the burger. It was a very pleasant meal!

Max polished off most of his burger (he didn’t like the crispy bits), half a bun and all of his cucumber. He also had a saltine cracker appetizer! He was very proud of himself!

So if you have a Works burger joint near you – go and check out the Turkey Festive Burger!!

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  1. Mary

    That sounds and looks delicious. My husband got a coupon for a free Works burger so we might be headed there sooner rather than later after reading about the Festive Turkey burger!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      DO IT!!

  2. Kristen

    That sounds delightful…


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