Three Things Thursday!

Good morning everyone!  

My voice is back – YAY!  I am eating my breakfast, which includes some OJ. Trying to kick this lil cold to the curb! Anyways here is this week’s Three Things Thursday!


1. Max’s Birthday is Tomorrow

A year ago today I got a phone call at 6am telling me that it was time to be induced. How much fun that was! Anyhoo – there will be more of a ‘birthday’ post tomorrow. But in the meantime, rest assured that Max is settling right into toddler-hood by climbing everything he can – including his diaper box yesterday.

Got a little iPhone reminder

Got a little iPhone reminder

2. Mama’s going out tonight!

My grad school course for this semester was done online, so tonight we are having a “class social” at one of the pubs close to the University. It shall be fun! I do prefer to take classes at the Uni, but with Max that is kind of hard. I’m looking forward to going out for a pint!


3. I just ate frozen processed food!

I feel dirty….even though it is a “Special K” breakfast – still…opps

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