2013 Goals

Happy New Year everyone!

With the start of the new year, comes another special day: My Birthday!  This is a big one: 30….Kind of the first big ‘you are old’ birthdays. It was a different feeling when I selected the 30-34 box for my races this year – yay, new category!

Anyways – Last night we kept it fairly low key. We had a busy morning of seeing the grandparents at their works, a playdate with lil Ethan – which was Max’s first experience playing with a boy toddler (which was fun!), then off to the races in Port Credit (more about that later). After dinner P and I were pretty tired, but we took advantage of ‘free babysitting’ and went out to the Pump House in Port Credit for a drink and dessert. Needless to say, once 10:30pm came – we turned in for the night and went to sleep. Yes, we are the coolest people EVER.

Max playing a new year's tune

Max playing a new year’s tune

So – it is time for the yearly goals list:

2013 Goals:


Find some job stability. Working contract by contract gets a little annoying after awhile. Before it wasn’t too bad, but now I have daycare costs to worry about, so earning a steady income is a must.  So I am hoping to find some stability in my career so I can properly start one. Nothing better than being 30 and not really having a steady job….

Keep my closet organized. I just cleaned it out again. Must continue to keep it organized and take better care of my clothes

Take better care of my stuff. I am notorious for having crap in my bags, tossing things anywhere, and having everything messed up. People who have seen my office at work may disagree (it is usually neat and tidy), but look in my school bag or my drawers and you will find the mess 😉

Read one book a month. I didn’t read much last year. It took me 6 months to finish Steve Jobs’ biography.

Drink less coffee and more tea. I am getting into David’s tea and I’m hoping that by drinking less coffee I will have less digestive problems.

Don’t be lazy at night. I have started becoming very lazy at night. After Max goes to bed, I am free to do whatever, and rather than sitting on the couch I need to take advantage of this time.


Save more $$ – this kind of comes with the whole steady job part, but I would like to get my savings account a bit higher this year

Start a RESP for Max – really need to get on this


PB in the 5K and 10K. After last night’s race, I think that this is a very possible goal this year (for the 5K). I have to continue running regularly though. However – I do think that I would rock as the 30 minute 5K pace bunny 🙂

Go swimming.

– Go to the gym at least 2x a week. This goes along with the ‘being lazy’ piece – I do have the time to go to the gym when Max is at daycare. I should use my time wisely and go to the gym!

– Start strength training again – I didn’t strength train at all last year (tsk tsk, I know)


So those are my goals for this year – I keep them simple. Plus I have a whole list of things to do!

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