Bathroom Antics

Knowing Max’s schedule – I know on weekends I have a bit of a choice (if he is even offering a choice): sleep in and skip a morning nap OR wake up around 6:30 like normal and have a morning nap. Seems like an easy choice and most weekends it is. However, since it is build season, P works on Saturdays which means that something as simple as a shower can be difficult if I do not get Max down for a morning nap.

Yesterday I went with the “sleeping in choice“. Max slept in til 7:30ish (don’t hate me) and jabbered away in his bed until I really felt the need to get up for the day. P left for work shortly after. Since we were planning to go to Ikea on Sunday, I needed to get some grocery shopping done. Looking at the clock, I figured that it was the perfect time to go at 9am.  But, I really wanted to shower. I am not one to really like to leave the house without showering, especially with my shorter bangs, as they usually resemble a rooster in the AM. Throwing Max in the crib = scream fest, so I had to do one many parents before me had to do – take a shower with a toddler in the room.

I put him in the bathroom, closed the door and secured the one cabinet that has lots “no baby” things in it. I placed his bath toys on the floor so he could have some fun. I started the shower and Max became all excited because he thinks it is bath time. Sorry, kiddo, but it is Mama’s bath time! I hopped into the shower and within three seconds Max tore open the curtain to see what Mama was up to. He thought “hey this is fun!” and decided to play peekaboo for the first couple of minutes. Max then thought that it would be nice for Mama to have some bath toys – so one by one, bath toys started to make their appearance in the tub. Poor rubber duck, he was sad that the bath wasn’t filled to his liking. After all this – Max decided that he wanted his hair washed so he started to try to get in the shower and in the process his head did in fact hit the stream of water. As soon as this happened – giggles erupted and now this was great fun. Luckily I only took a quick shower, so the madness quickly stopped.

I got out of the shower and saw a giant puddle of water on the ground, great!  I started to towel off and I guess Max thought naked Mama was freakin hilarious and decided to grab my leg. Of course his cold, little hand made me giggle and immediately his eyes widened in realization that he could get Mama back after all the times she tickled him. SO.MUCH.FUN.

After toweling off, I changed and headed back into the bathroom to do my hair. Now that the shower was off, Max set forth to see what other things he could get into. He had to inspect the toilet, the trash can, the toilet paper and the towel rack. While inspecting the toilet he found the plunger, picked it up and proceed to “plunge” his toys. Ok, who taught him how to plunge?!?!  


Sadly, Mama was all done getting ready and we had to leave the bathroom. Insert Sad Max face here. All of this action took place in about 30 minutes. This is probably why I resort to putting my hair up in a ponytail every day and looking like I just woke up 🙂

Happy Sunday!


Do you have any funny toddler stories to tell?

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