I usually like to enjoy a nice hot (caffeinated) beverage in the afternoon. Normally my drink of choice has been coffee, but sometimes my stomach doesn’t agree with coffee. Also, a few weeks ago I lost my voice and drank copious amounts of Lemon-Green Tea to help ease my throat. In accordance with drinking more tea – I decided to give DAVIDsTEA a try.


DAVIDsTEA sells loose leaf tea and other tea accessories. Most of the DAVIDsTEA locations are in the west end – so it is hard for me to get out there. I managed to make it to the Bayshore Mall location and buy a tea mug, and some selections of tea (and see a friend!). Cold 911 was the drink of choice when I was sick. Since then, I received many packets of tea for Christmas. I also took advantage of a lovely Boxing Day sale and purchased some holiday flavoured tea (I have Santa’s Secret in my office right now).


I guess you could say that I am a bit of a DAVIDsTEA fangirl now – I know I am not the only one. There are quite a few people here at work that drink it all the time. I really enjoy the unique flavours. It is neat to see all the things that go into the flavours of tea (like candy cane in Santa’s Secret!)

My tea selection

My tea selection

My favorite teas right now are: Organic the Skinny, Kiwi’s Big Adventure and Razzmatazz.

Have you tried DAVIDsTEA yet?

Do you like Tea or coffee?

Do you put anything in your coffee (I don’t!)


Please note: I was not contacted, paid or made to write this post. I just like to share information. If one would like to send me tea – contact me 😉

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  1. Mary

    So glad you’re enjoying it!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I am 🙂 yummy yummy

  2. TorontoRunner

    For coffee, I drink it black usually! eek!
    I tried DavidsTea for the first time just a couple of months ago . I’m not usually a tea drinker but was soo impressed, I loved it!

  3. Jade

    Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog! I think loose leaf tea is just too fancy for me, it almost intimidates me for some reason? I love coffee (with flavored cream) but try to only drink it in the morning morning. The rest of the day I drink different kinds of tea, haven’t found a very favorite yet…maybe I should try this kind!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I think that I didn’t try David’s for the longest time because I didn’t really get the whole loose leaf thing, especially with all the different flavours!- but I’ve definitely grown to really like it! You should try it 🙂


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