Free Birthday Perks and No Mac’s

Good morning everyone!


Yesterday was an ok day – busy work wise, and then I went to the Apple Store, picked up Max and then he took me out for some pasta – yum!  Unfortunately I am sans-Mac computer for the next couple of days. My iMac had a fan issue and my Macbook’s keyboard cover (if that is what it is called) was cracked and coming off, so both are in the shop. Both repairs are totally 100% covered under warranty – so that is great news!  Right now I am typing on P’s PC computer. I hate it…..

This year I seemed to get many free perks for my birthday!  Part of staying connected I guess?  Yesterday’s list of ‘free things’ included

– One free Venti Vanilla Spice Latte from Starbucks

– A free upgrade on my next Enterprise rental (I am a Plus member)

– 1 free pasta dinner at Boston Pizza (a $13-19 value!)

– Two mini lip balms from Sephora

– 25% off an RW&Co purchase

Super fun!  Almost all the free things were because I am signed up as a member or part of an email list. I strongly suggest that you sign up for email lists every once and awhile!  You never know what will show up in your inbo on your birthday!


Did I miss any good birthday deals? Do you sign up for email lists?


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