Ikea Fun!

I am in Mississauga this week visiting my parents and my friends. Originally P was supposed to be here for most of the week and fly back on Thursday – however family matters at home meant that he had to go home early Tuesday. I am here until Sunday as on Saturday I have to pick up this year’s FIRST Robotics ‘kit of parts’ and drive it back to Ottawa. My Mom is off from work for a couple of days, so I racked my brain to think of things that Max and us could do. The other day we went to Square One so Mommy (meaning me) could do some shopping at stores that are hard to get to when you live in Orleans (Davids Tea, LuLuLemon, H&M, RW&Co) – all but H&M are in Ottawa but require a drive to the west-end, which is hard to do when you live in Orleans and your child goes to bed at 7pm!

I got a few things at the mall – including two sweaters which were $18 each – regularly $45!


Yesterday we decided to take a stroll to Ikea. Ikea is one of those stores that I don’t go to all that often as 1) it is in the West-end (see rant above) and 2) it is CRAZY busy on a weekend. So crazy that I will not go. I am ever thankful that I live so close to an Ikea and that our Ikea grew and became a grown-up Ikea last year. However, I still will not subject myself to Ikea-weekends.  Neither will my parents – so we took a drive to the local Ikea.

Ikea on a weekday is filled with parents/grandparents and their assorted kids. One time last year, I remember seeing lots of nursing Mom’s and babies being carried (in a carrier) by their parents. Plus – lots and lots of strollers! It is a great place as the kids can touch whatever they want and there is the Ikea restaurant!

We cruised the show room rather quickly and then ended up in the Children’s Ikea section. Max was “let loose” at this point and allowed to roam free with the other toddlers in the ‘try me’ section. He gave a strange look to Mr. Brocc-a-tree and his workbench as they seemed to have been moved from his living room 😉

ikea 6

After a bit of play time – and a chat with my friend who saw us and stopped by, we headed into the restaurant for lunch. My Mom and I had the Meatball combo, and Max had the child’s Meatball combo + a wee lil cupcake. He ate all of the meatballs and went to town on his mashed potatoes. He also tried to grab our food too!  After he ate a large portion of his meal – I let him go all out on the mini cupcake. You know he likes something when he goes ‘mmmmmmmmm!!!’.





So that was our little Ikea adventure. I bought a few things. Mainly an utensil holder (I have the smaller one), dark chocolate and an Advent Calendar for next year.


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  1. Kristen

    What a cute advent calendar!

  2. Cait the Arty Runnerchick

    oh i love Ikea, i feel like i could get lost for weeks in that place but still make it out alive…gotta appreciate a store with a restaurant. 🙂 max is such a cutie and sure looks like he enjoyed himself!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I like that everytime I’ve gone into Ikea – it is different each time!

      Max did enjoy himself! He thought it was the most fun day ever!

  3. TorontoRunner

    oooh yay for sales 😀
    My parents LOVE Ikea. It’s like their weekly outing. haha!
    And, oooooh my gosh, he’s so precious and adorable!!


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