Quick Stir fry

Good news! The iMac is back! Although my Macbook works just fine for simple computer needs like word processing, internet surfing and that sort – it gets too bogged down with photo editing, iMovie and anything that taxes the computer. I also missed the bigger screen – 13 inch Macbook just doesn’t cut it for me. Thankfully, I do use Time Machine and getting the iMac back to normal was easy, just a bit time consuming though. I’m currently waiting for my iPhoto to index everything again, *sigh*. But good news – NO MORE STUPID NOISE!



As mentioned previously, it is robotics build season which means I am on my own for pretty much every dinner. This year, I’ve decided to embrace the idea of meal planning to help organize myself and make better use of the precious time I have in the evening to make a meal. Since I cannot eat fast food every night – I have to meal plan!

One of my quick and easy meals is stir fry. You can make a stir fry with any type of protein – chicken, shrimp, salmon, beef, tofu – whatever! You can even mix some together! Yum! I made stir fry the other night for dinner. Because Max isn’t the biggest fan of rice yet, I just cooked some pasta for him and put the stir fry mix on top.



– Protein of choice

– Veggies of choice – I usually do a “lets use things up” approach. This week was carrots, celery, cauliflower, beans and zucchini. Also feel free if you need to really save time to use frozen veggies. I used frozen beans and cauliflower!

– Rice

– Lemon juice

– Lime juice

– Chinese 5 spice

– Ginger

– Cilantro

– Sesame Oil

– Vegetable Oil

– Coriander

– Salt and Pepper

– Corn starch

– Liquid of your choice – Orange Juice, Chicken Stock, Beef Stock


1) Cook your rice

2) Prepare all your veggies and proteins by washing and cutting them up. Because of the quick nature of stir fry cooking, I like to place my ingredients in small bowls.

3) Get your spices ready – again, your choice. I use Chinese 5 spice, coriander and if I’m feeling daring (and Max isn’t eating it), chili pepper flakes.Also, finely chop your ginger and cilantro.


4) Once you have everything at the ready, grab a wok or a large frying pan. Put it on high heat if you are using a wok, medium high for a frying pan.

5) Put the vegetable oil, cilantro and ginger in the wok and cook for about a minute

6) Place your longest to cook veggies in first (HINT: carrots take a long time – if you can, boil them for a bit first), add your spices. Add some of your liquid (I usually use chicken stock) as needed. You don’t want things to get sticky


7) Continuing cooking. Add the rest of the veggies in as needed. Add one teaspoon of sesame oil. Again, keep up with the liquid so things don’t get sticky.

8) Add your protein once your veggies are half-way cooked. Remember that certain proteins need to be cooked longer than others (shrimp = no time, chicken = you need a few minutes)



9) Add the rest of your liquid. If you want to add a sauce like hoisin or teriyaki for a little bit of flavour country – add it now.

10) You have probably noticed that there is lots of liquid – to thicken it up, add a corn starch slurry. A good amount is one tablespoon of corn starch with just enough water to make it “liquidy”. Add corn starch slowly. If you add it too fast it will be clumpy and/or your sauce will get too thick.

11) Once everything is cooked and ready to go – serve on top of your rice!


Some variations:

Pho-Stir Fry

– Use beef stock for your liquid

– Add hoisin sauce for your sauce

– have bean sprouts, and green onion in your stir fry

Orange Stir Fry

– Use diluted orange juice for your liquid


– Use chicken or beef stock as your liquid

– Use Teriyaki sauce as your sauce

Do you like stir fry?

What are some of your flavour combinations? 

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  1. Jade

    I love stir fry! It’s my favorite. I love bell peppers, celery, onion, garlic, and broccoli. But really, anything is fine by me. I do the “use it up” method.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      What doesn’t go into a stir fry?

  2. Jenn

    I love stir-fry! Had it for dinner last night! I love all the endless combinations, so much fun.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It can be a different meal every time! Plus, it makes for yummy lunch leftovers

  3. Erin

    I love stir fry, but I have never made it. Thanks for the detailed instructions!!

  4. Cait the Arty Runnerchick

    yay for the imac being back!
    that stir fry looks amazing and i LOVE stir fries! sadly i’ve never done one myself but my dad always makes a mean one…and i’m always a fan of shrimp, noodles, and loads of veggies.


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