Three Things Thursday

Good Thursday everyone! This quicky post is brought to you via MacBook on the kitchen prep table – as today (or rather this whole week) has been one of those days where I haven’t had a moment to sit and relax all day.  My bags are at the front still and my iPhone is somewhere in the living room playing Smashing Pumpkins. Not only is school a bit wacko, but Max has come down with some sort of assorted toddler illness and has been a grumpy gus all day. Looks like one of us will be spending the day home tomorrow.


Thing 1: Three hour meeting

Who doesn’t like a 3 hour meeting to start the day?  At least we had some yummy Starbucks coffee and treats to enjoy!  I had a nice large cup of coffee and a bit of a cranberry scone.

Thing 2: Trim Road doesn’t like me

As I’ve mentioned a couple times on twitter – I am still learning how to drive standard. Our little Honda Civic has been giving us some difficulty lately and the car was acting up a bit today. Anyhoo, everything was fine and dandy until I got to Trim Road. I came across some traffic, so I braked, put the car in 1st and stopped. When it was time to go, I stalled big time and had difficulty getting the car to go. Two stalls later – I finally just gunned it. Not sure if I was actually in 1st, or in 3rd as it wasn’t like I wasn’t giving any gas. The last time I had to go up Trim road, I did the same thing but this time I was in third….opps

Thing 3: Hide and go Seek?

Today was a marking, report card and getting ready for the start of semester two day at school. We all had tons of work to do and pretty much just worked in our various offices until 3pm. We had a mini staff meeting at 3pm. The boss was a bit late in arriving so someone decided to get everyone to hide in our small computer lab. We fit about 50 staff in one room!  This meant that the library was empty. The VP came in first and just had this hilarious smirk on his face. Then the boss came in, looked around and was all “whhhaattt?!?!”. We then yelled “surprise!!”  Can’t say we don’t have fun at work sometimes!


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  1. Jade

    A surprise party meeting, that is really funny! Feel better Max! It’s been one of those crazy days/weeks for me too!

  2. Erin Runs

    A 3 hour meeting?! That sounds like torture! At least Starbucks redeemed it… but were they serving vanilla spice latte??!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I wish!!!


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