Week 2: Baking a Pie from scratch

Good morning everyone!


Last night it was time to do this week’s ’52 new things’ task: baking a pie from scratch.  The truth? I’ve never baked a pie period, unless you count putting a ready-made frozen pie in the oven. I’ve never attempted making a pie even with ready made crust. This is all just too silly as I happen to LOVE pie with a passion (more than cupcakes!).

I decided to make a Bumbleberry pie. Although I love most forms of pie – anything with berries is my favorite. I stopped by the Farm Boy on the way back from the gym and picked up a few things. After I picked up Max I had to buy some sugar, flour and lard (ewww).



In order to accomplish this task, I had to wait for Max to go to bed. I tucked him in at 7:15 and went downstairs to wash some dishes and get organized. In the middle of preparing the pie, P came home. When he went to check on Max, he saw that Mr. Max was sitting in his crib playing with his stuffies – since he saw Daddy, he got up for a bit to play “chase Daddy” and cars. So – this whole task took a bit longer than expected 🙂

The first thing I did was prep the fruit. I washed the blackberries and raspberries, and washed and sliced the strawberries. I put them in a bowl with some sugar and corn starch. I also added my “secret ingredient  which is lemon and lime zest!  The berry mixture had to stand for about 15 minutes, which gave me enough time to make the crust.



The recipe I used for the crust was the one from my Kitchenaid Mixer recipe book – it worked, and was yummy!  I had to make the crust, which meant deciphering what ‘cutting the lard and butter in the flour’ meant. Thank goodness for having a Kitchenaid mixer! It made the crust making so easy!  After the crust was made, I had to roll it into a ball, wrap with saran wrap and then put in the fridge for 15 minutes.



In the Kitchenaid recipe, they suggested using two pieces of Wax Paper to roll out the dough, rather than using the traditional flour on the counter way. It worked – but I’m not sure it made my crust perfect. It was a bit difficult to roll and I think the top crust was a bit too thick for my liking. I will probably go back to my flour on the counter method for next time.

After the dough was ready, in went the berries with a top crust put on top. In the oven at 375 for about 40 minutes and the beautiful pie was ready! It was torture waiting for the pie to cool, but when it was ready I enjoyed a slice! It was yummy!






All in all, a few things – I need to improve on my dough ‘pinching’ method, and I want to adjust the berry mixture recipe. It didn’t get as thick as I wanted it to be – so I think some adjustments need to be made before I post the recipe! Will I bake a pie again – of course!!  I think once I make a bunch of dough and freeze it – the time required to bake a pie will be short!

Have you ever baked a pie from scratch?

What is your favorite pie?

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  1. Melanie

    Looks like it tasted amazing! I want to try now but without a Kitchenaid mixer it might take me aaages. I like making pecan pie and apple pie (with pre-made crusts)!

  2. Kristen

    One recipe for pie I’ve seen suggested taking the liquid that the filling lets out as you let the sugar and the fruit sit around and thickening it by heating it up and letting some of the water boil off. Then you have a fruit syrup that you add back in. We did it with apple pie and it worked well.

  3. Holly KN

    That’s a dang good pie crust for your first one!! I’ve seen a lot of first attempts, and this one is pretty spectacular – x2, since it was a two cruster!!

    When I make a pie, I roll with Saran Wrap/wax paper under the crust (so it’s easy to pick up and move to the dish – I think this works better than flour on the counter), but not on top (a bit of flour usually keeps the rolling pin from sticking). You might try that as a compromise – because the ease of moving the crust on something is a terrific plus, and you can get the crust thinner without the material on top. 🙂 Plus, if you get it a smidge thinner, you’ll have more overhang, which will make the crimping easier.

    But really, that’s all details – this is a great looking crust, even for NOT a first try. Congrats.

    Also – love the “52 Things”, and that you spelled them out for the world to see! I always enjoy a glimpse into what people are dreaming of/aspiring to. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thanks 🙂 Yes – I definitely want the crust a bit thinner next time – I might try the wax paper only on the bottom next time!

      Thanks for reading!


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