Week 4: Buy an outfit at a thrift store

Week 4 of 52 new Things is done and finished!

This week’s task was to go to a thrift store and buy an outfit. Although I’ve browsed thrift stores from time to time and bought things like books there – I’ve never bought clothing at one before!  Fun fact: my brother bought his entire prom outfit at a Goodwill when he was in high school – he wore a yellow/blue suit ensemble!

There are quite a few thrift stores out there: Goodwill, Value Village and Salvation Army. Plus all the smaller consignment shop’s. I decided to try out Value Village as that is the only store around here that I haven’t browsed through yet. I went on a Friday afternoon before picking up Max. Value Village’s proceeds go to the Canadian Diabetes Association. They have everything from DVD’s, CD’s, household items, children’s toys, furniture and of course clothes!  The store can be a little overwhelming as there is so much to browse. The Orlean’s location was very well organized. Everything was presented very nicely and it was easy to take a look at what they had!


My game plan was to start with a shirt and work from there. The biggest selection they had out was the long-sleeved knit shirts. They had a whole aisle just in size small!  I found a few knit sweater pieces that I knew I would wear and then proceeded to skirts. I was on the hunt for a skirt that would be suitable for winter – something dark and below the knee.  I found a few good choices, but settled on a grey skirt from Reitman’s.  I took a browse through the pants and saw a pair of corduroy pants that would be perfect for work. By then I had a few too many items – so I decided on items that would complete an outfit. All four pieces that I bought go together.


While taking a look through the aisles – I noticed many popular labels: Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic and that sort. I also noticed some of your usual mall brands: Garage, Smart Set, Old Navy and American Eagle. I stayed clear of those brands as I usually can find brand new items for almost the same price as the Value Village stuff. I think I also found a few items that I had previously! I did take a peek at the yoga pants collection to see if there was any LuLuLemon pants – nope! There were none. I did see some of the Costco brand yoga pants – but they were way too close in price to the new pairs and whoever had them before did not take care of them (do NOT put yoga pants in the dryer!).

So what did I pick up?


Jacob striped sweater – cashmere blend $3

Reitman’s grey skirt – $10

Mavi Jeans corduroy pants – $3 (I will get back to this in a minute)

Elementz Clothing Argyle Sweater – $9

So I really liked the colour and fit of the Jacob sweater and for $3 – woohoo! It is in great condition. The Reitman’s skirt was in my size and is a good work skirt. Also in great condition. Now comes the Mavi pants. I had no clue on what Mavi jeans were when I bought the pants. I thought – “hey looksie, nice work pants!”. I tried them on and oh my goodness, are they ever soft!  So when sitting down to write this post I decided to look up Mavi Jean. Apparently they are label brand that celebrities like to wear. Who knew! Mavi pants are available at some department stores – and also at Warren’s in St. Laurent where they retail from $60-$100. I scored these pants for $3! The only thing that I might fix about these pants is the flare part. I might see if I can get them taken in and made into boot cut or skinny pants. The Elementz brand can be found at Macy’s and Sears and is your average department store brand.

Excuse the crappy nature of my “self taken pictures”. Ms. Bright pants forgot to grab the tripod from Max’s room before he went down for a nap…



There were some other sweet finds at Value Village – I found some great 1990’s CD’s that you 90’s kids might remember: Dance Mix ’94, The Cranberries, soundtrack from Scream. The DVD’s that I saw were the complete 4th season of Grey’s Anatomy, some Disney movies and some yoga DVD’s. In terms of accessories – the selection of purses was great! I did not buy a purse, but there were tons to choose from and most were in great condition.

So that wraps up week 4 – next week is another craft activity – going to make some pottery?!?!

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  1. Mary

    Wow, great finds! I’m tempted to go check out that Value Village now.
    I have a pair of Mavi jeans and love them – $3 is awesome for that find!

  2. Kristen

    I love a good flared pant. Maybe that is indicative of the style that was popular when I was in university so I don’t want to quite give it up 🙂 Most of my jeans are now skinny or straight leg, but I got excited last year when some brands brought back the flare a bit. (in fact – I have an old pair of Mavi jeans that have a bit of a flare…I wonder if it’s the same cut as your cords…)
    Good $3 finds!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’ve still got a few flared jeans floating around. Funny thing is that I would have NEVER tried out skinny jeans a year or two ago – thought they were not “my style”. Now I’m always wearing skinny pants!


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