Weekend Recap

The weekend is almost over (why does it always go by so quickly?). It is award show season and tonight’s award show is the Golden Globes. I have seen zero of the nominated movies – actually it is so bad that other than Lincoln and Les Mis, I have no idea what the other movies are even about…

But that is what happens when you have only gone to one movie in the past year…

Anyways, on Friday we went out to Sawa Sushi for some “all you can eat” sushi fun times. I had lots of great food – tempura, crab cakes, teriyaki chicken, sashimi, salmon and tuna sushi, sushi pizza and some good ol’ california rolls. Max had the teriyaki chicken, some rice and snacks that we brought. He decided to talk (yell?) at half the people in the restaurant including a little girl. Too funny, but a bit too loud. Max likes to be the centre of attention.



I want moooore!

I want moooore!


On Saturday, it was time for some grocery shopping and some craft shopping. Yes, you read that right – craft shopping. This week’s 52 things is “knit something”, so I bought some supplies and will probably attempt to start knitting tomorrow night. Not too sure about this one. It doesn’t seem overly difficult, but it does at the same time. Don’t be expecting anything spectacular – it will probably be a scarf 🙂


Today we had visitors as my Aunt and Uncle came to see us (well…Max). I baked some chocolate chip cookies and prepared a small lunch. For dinner, it was time for Roast Chicken!!! Making a roast makes it easy for me to make dinners this week – the possibilities are endless!

We also played lots!

We also played lots!

What did you do this weekend?
Do you batch cook at all?

What is your fave “roast”

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  1. TorontoRunner

    I am soooo impressed with people who can knit ANYTHING at all – I’m useless with it!!

  2. mommy

    go back to Michaels and get the handicraft cotton, and make dishcloths, they are simple to make and useful and cheap, and it the knitting is no perfect, only the dishes will know, hah haa haaa

  3. Erin

    Knitting? Considering that basic preschool crafts are above my art skill level, I don’t think that I could do that. Good luck! And please post a picture of the finished product 🙂


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