You think it is cold?

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Yes you are reading that right – at 8:45am in Ottawa it was -28C, but felt like -36 (which is -18F/-32F for my American friends). Holy cold batman!

It was so cold that I took one look outside and decided that I wasn’t going to go out there today

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Ok – not really. We did stay home – but not because of the cold, but more like mass throwing up at daycare, so Max was a no-go for daycare this morning (meaning my daycare lady’s kids were sick – not Max). I feel like tomorrow I’m really going to have to argue that I did not stay home because of the cold :-). I did throw on my warm socks though!


Because this is fairly extreme cold, we had to plug in the cars last night. Plugging in cars?! Exactly – I know about plugging in cars, but I’ve never had to do it. In Toronto we don’t really plug in cars. The parking lots in the homes near us all have those outdoor car plug-ins – but we just have to plug ours in via the garage.  Apparently there were many cars that were not starting this morning! The bigger news for me was the fact that metro schools in Detroit were closing the schools because of “the cold”. I put that in quotations because it is not anywhere close to as cold there as it is in Ottawa. So P and I were really laughing at the news last night. I’m honestly still trying to figure out why the schools would be closed, but whatever….



The jeep needs a bath…..

Since I am stuck at home today – there is no gym workout today 🙁 I am going to do a small at home work out after Max goes to bed – I know I have a Jillian Michaels DVD around here somewhere! This is when having a home treadmill would be a good thing!

Oh speaking of school – someone found this site by searching this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 7.46.22 AM


You do not need to convince me! I enjoy snow days just as much as the next person. But – here in the O-dot we cancel school for NOTHING. Well, except huge ice storms. But really – schools are always open here – we are expected to be at school regardless if there is 10cm of snow on the ground or 30. Thank goodness I work down the street – if all else fails I can slide to work….


Are you sick of the cold yet?

What is your cold threshold? Are you shivering just seeing Ottawa’s temperatures?

Do you have full fledged snow days where you are?

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  1. Jade

    Thats about how cold it has been here in northern Minnesota too. Today was warmer, we got above 0 F and it was tropical feeling! A couple days ago the wind chill was -47 F. No good! They closed schools here for the cold too and I was surprised. We sometimes get snow days too, but not as many as when I lived in northern Michigan. I like the cold 🙂


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