Jam Hands!




This is the face of someone who likes jam!  I ran out of baby cereal, so Max had toast this morning. We put a little bit of jam on it and he seemed to like it. First however, he had to “inspect it” by poking at it and sniffing the bread. Weirdo! He did do a good job of eating a big piece of toast by himself.







Today was a regular Saturday. We played, went grocery shopping and had a nap (well Max did). The Robots team was working late tonight and I brought them dinner around 4:30pm. The best part about driving to P’s school is there is a drive-thru Starbucks!  I had a grande Vanilla Spice latte for the ride home. Since it was still a bit early for dinner, Max and I drove to Old Navy to check out the 40% kids sale. I grabbed a few good deals. Take a look at the khaki and shirt/tie combo: what an outfit! Max has outgrown his Batman shirts, so he needed some more. I also could not resist the striped long sleeved shirt in my school’s colours (blue and orange).


I took a looksie over at the Active line that was advertised via a million bloggers a few weeks ago. But the advertising worked and I liked what a few bloggers had picked out. I checked the online store numerous times for a few pieces that I liked. First off, it took the Canadian store forever to get the newer stuff out. Second, when it did come out all the nice pieces were sold out in no time and the stock has never been replenished. The store had very few items available (unlike all the bloggers who posted great pictures of all this active wear).  Most of what they had in stock was the same stuff they have remaining in the online store. The only pieces I bought were two running long-sleeved shirts for $15 each. Not sure about the quality. Let’s see how many washes it takes before the material starts to show wear and tear (even with a gentle cycle and line dry). There is quite a bit of potential with this line – so far I am disappointed that the Canadian Stores do not have the same selection as the US and that overall the popular items are not in stock (I just checked the US store – same deal as the CDN one).



Tonight’s dinner was leftover Chinese Food. Since I am on my own today, the only work-out I did was scrubbing the kitchen floor. That still counts!!

What did you do today?

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  1. TorontoRunner

    omgosh, the pics made my day – adorable!!

  2. Mary

    I love your new Old Navy running 1/4 zip shirts – I have an addiction to 1/4 zip shirts like that! And at $15 that’s awesome! Let me know how they hold up in the wash.


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