Mont Tremblant Ski Vacation

Every year for the past three years, P and I have gone on a mini-vacation to the Mont Tremblant area. Normally we take a day off on Friday to make it a long weekend, but due to Max being sick a few times and other family commitments, P and I have taken one too many sick days and do not have many more left. So, I cancelled the Thursday night and we just did a typical weekend. This was a good thing as Max ended up getting a nasty cough cold and kept us up all weekend. Splendid!

We go to the Cote Nord Cottage and Chalet rental resort about 15-20 minutes away from the Tremblant Village (but only 10 minutes away from the North Side). We stayed with friends in the chalet a couple of years ago, but have since gone up by ourselves and just rented a condo. We just rented a one bedroom, but decided for next year, we are going to have to get a two bedroom. Mr. Funny pants thought it was just too funny to yell at us from his pack and play at 3am!  The condo has everything you need and is brand new. The building we stayed at this year was build last summer, so it was nice and freshly updated. Of course, Mont Tremblant has a great village where there are numerous places to stay – but we have elected to stay a bit farther away where it is a tad bit cheaper and definitely quieter. There were a couple of quirky things about the condo including a malfunctioning gas fireplace, a see-through shower (see picture below), a huge soaker tub and a window door that met Max’s approval for window watching.







Max loved to wander around around and check everything out. He likes to investigate, so he does tend to get himself into trouble. For example, he decided that he could fit nicely into the stove storage bin…..




On Saturday we went skiing, while Max stayed at the Kids Club Daycare. The Daycare is available for ages 1+ and is a great option for parents who want a little ski-time sans tater tot (who cannot ski). It was very pricey, but worth it. Since I finally have my own set of skis, I spent pretty much the usual amount of money skiing that I would have in years that I have had to rent. I wouldn’t be able to do the daycare thing every weekend, but it was nice for a treat.

I did post some iPhone pictures the other day – but basically I did all the green circle (easy) runs and a couple of blue square ones (intermediate). I do have to say that next time I come up to Tremblant, I need to do more blue squares as some of the green circle runs were too boring. The ski hills were busy – but not too bad. I felt that the crowds came in waves. On one run, I literally just finished and skied straight into another lift. Sometimes I had to wait 10 minutes. When P and I go skiing, we ski together for the first few runs mostly so P can give me pointers and make sure I don’t fall down and have a yard sale. After I figure out how to ski again, P goes to the more advanced black diamond runs and I do my own thing.


So that is another Tremblant weekend come and gone – hoping that you all had a great weekend!

Have you been to Mont Tremblant?

Skiing or Snowboarding?

What do you do with your little one(s) when you want to do something they can’t?

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  1. Cecilia @MommiesRun

    Oh my goodness that snow is amazing! What I wouldn’t give for a ski trip! I love the picture of Max in the bathtub! What a cutie!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I am very fortunate to live near some great ski locations! I can actually see a ski hill from highway on-ramps/apt buildings around my house


    That’s it. I need to learn to ski.
    When we wanted to do things that the boys couldn’t do we would usually get a babysitter. When they were small and we lived near family (which wasn’t always the case) we would have my mom and dad watch them. It is nice to spend some time alone with your husband (or just some time alone!).
    Glad you had fun!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I think we are almost ready to go the babysitter route. We have one, but she is still a bit young 🙂


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