Saturday Sick Day

Good Saturday evening!


Today was a low-key kind of day as Max is still sick. Max went to the doctors yesterday with P and the Doctor was concerned about his ears, as they were red and yucky. She wanted us to come back today to check the ears again before prescribing antibiotics. Quick check of the ears this morning showed his ears were still red and antibiotics were prescribed. We hustled over to the grocery store which has a pharmacy and filled the prescription while grocery shopping. Max has been on and off all day. He is sleeping soundly right now, which is good and bad. Good for obvious reasons, but bad because unfortunately I have to give him his medicine at 11pm. Poor guy!

Banana flavour!

Banana flavour!

After our busy morning, we went home for lunch and then sorted through Max’s baby stuff. Before I just dumped all of his clothes in the empty diaper boxes with no organization. Today I emptied everything out and sorted into months, as well as a box of receiving blankets/hats/socks. I also have a bag of maternity clothes. Max tried to help!  It was cute to hold up his newborn clothes to him – he has grown so much!



This was mine?!?!

This was mine?!?!




For dinner, I made chicken fajitas. Max was not interested in eating, so he just had a bottle and half a cracker. I sauteed some chicken breast, pepper, onion and mushrooms with olive oil, cilantro and a dash of lime juice. I then placed my fajita mix on a flour tortilla and topped with avocado, sour cream and salsa. It was super yummy!




What is everyone doing tonight?

What did you have for dinner?

What do you like on your fajitas?



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  1. TorontoRunner

    Aw I hope he feels much better soon!


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