Three Things Thursday!

How is everyone tonight?  Ontario is bracing for a winter storm this evening.  We are putting “donut/coffee” bets on whether it will be a snow day tomorrow. What do you think?  I’m almost thinking no…. BUT I bet that Mississauga cancels school (which never happens here in Ottawa).

Anyways Three Things Thursday time!


Thing 1: Did I break the Microwave?


So today at lunch, I was the first to arrive in the lunchroom and promptly put my pasta in the microwave and ordered a chocolate pudding from the caf. When my pasta was heated, I asked a friend if he wanted me to heat up his pizza. He said yes, so his went in. Afterwards we had the “line of tupperwares” and the general rule is when your food is done – you put the next persons in. But sometimes whoever is closer just does all the microwaving. So once the pizza was heated, I put another person’s food in. However, I found it odd that when the pizza was done, the micro didn’t ‘ding’ like it normally does. All of a sudden the room started smelling like nasty and we were all yelling “noooooo the microwave!!”. I opened the micro and my friends food was still cold signifying that the microwave was indeed broken. I guess I broke it somehow?!? Opps….

I made a little note (it says RIP Mr. Kenmore on the tombstone)


Thing 2: David’s Tea Organic Cold 911

My throat has been scratching all day. Cure-all tea = Cold 911. It has hints of peppermint and makes my throat feel so much better. I can also drink it cold, something I cannot do with most teas/coffees.



I am watching Big Bang Theory while writing this post and we just caught a glimpse of Howard’s Mom!  If you don’t watch the show – basically all you hear is the Mom’s voice, you never see her. I will save the details for you to enjoy – but it was pretty funny! Perhaps more glimpses to come?

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  1. Sunnie@ModernGirlNutrition

    Oh no! RIP microwave! Haha

  2. TorontoRunner

    I REALLY hope the storm is MUCH less worse than expected. ach!
    ooooh, I watch Big Bang.was this on the new episode?? My mom’s a big fan, I wanna see his mom!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It was this week’s episode – it is a must watch!

      My parents watch it too – it is the only show that they really make a full effort to watch 🙂

  3. Brittany

    I once went to microwave my coffee at work, and didn’t realize my mug had metal on it. I think you can assume what happened next. The microwave started smoking and sparks were flying. I was in such shock my coworker had to turn it off for me. HAHA. I only watch BBT on occasion, but I do really enjoy the show!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      A grade nine student put his metal thermos in the micro yesterday and it sparked – half of us went running to it going “NOOOOOOO”

  4. Nicole

    Oh no! I remember our microwave dying at work once. Not as dramatic as your story though.

    I’m going to have to get some of the tea- sounds yummy!

    I love the Big Bang theory! Such a good show!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m still being blamed for breaking it 😀 Boss said he is going to get us a new one – YAY


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