Valentines Day Food

Quick post because I have a few too many things on the go tonight – and it is TV night, which is a priority on Thursdays (judge me if you want). So – I am trying to get many things done prior to 8pm. Yay fun!

Today is Valentines Day!  I am pretty much undecided on the whole thing. I do not think P and I have ever really done the whole Valentines Day thing. P is working on the robot tonight and won’t be home til late. But this is the same thing every year as Valentines Day is usually really close to the robot build deadline (Tuesday).

At school today, many people were wearing red and pink (even P went to work in a pink shirt). The Shakespearean actors were in full swing being “rented out” to do performances for staff and students. There were lots of flowers and lots of candy floating around!

Because this week is “Buy Someone a Coffee” week, rather than do the pay it forward style at a drive-thru, I made 5 “coffee valentine grams” and put them in certain ladies mailboxes. It was an anonymous coffee gram, so they have no idea it was me. Only one has me as a friend on FB, so I doubt they are reading this, so the secret  will not be blown! Muah haha!  I did see one person asking who gave them the coffee gram. I snuck out of the office at that point.


One of my colleagues brought cupcakes for the resource room staff. They were delicious! I also had a few cookies courtesy of the foods class students and a visitor to the school. Needless to say – I ate way too much sugar!


Because Max and I were on our own, we ordered in Boston Pizza for dinner. Valentines Day is way too hectic and rushed for my liking. Good decision on my part, as when the BP person came, I asked him how the restaurant was doing and he said it was packed! He also said that many people were doing the same thing as me – finger cooking! Best part of Boston Pizza on Valentines Day – HEART SHAPED PIZZA!



Hope everyone had a great day!

Did you do anything for Valentines Day?

Have you been to Boston Pizza? If so, favorite pizza?

Cupcakes – vanilla or chocolate?

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