Week 7: Buy someone a coffee everyday

Sorry that this coming on a Monday, rather than my typical weekend posts – but I had visitors this weekend and little computer time happens when you are having fun!  Next week will be a late post as well as it is ‘savory crepe’ week and that happens at Mont Tremblant!


Week 7: Buy someone a Coffee every Week day


This week’s task needed to happen every weekday – buy someone a coffee. The idea from this comes from the “pay it forward” idea where you pay for the next car’s coffee in the drive-thru. For 4 out of the 5 weekdays, I stuck to this plan. I went to two different Tim Horton’s locations in Orleans, one closest to Max’s daycare and the other close to school. I did not take any pictures as it is kind of creepy to take a picture of the car behind and more importantly, I was driving.

It was fun doing the pay it forward thing. I always checked behind me to who it was. There were some good odds that the person at the school-area Timmy’s would be a friend, but I didn’t recognize anyone. Two times out of the four the person ordered breakfast as well as a coffee. In those two cases, I simply gave the cashier a toonie ($2 for my American friends) and called it a day. Each time I tried to speed off as fast as possible, giggling while driving. I have no idea why I felt the need to be so secretive.  I do drive a very unique car, so I guess I did not want the lucky person to be all “hey Jeep lady!” and follow me or something.

On the Thursday, it was Valentines Day, and as I said on that day’s post: I gave 5 ladies Starbucks valentine day cards with no name on it. 4 of the ladies do not have Facebook, so unless they somehow know I have a blog (doubt it), they have no clue on who gave them a Starbucks.  The Starbucks cards are a little unique. Basically it is a book of five $5 cards that you can give to whomever you want. You basically have enough for a tall beverage of your choice. I put the card on a little heart saying “Happy Valentines Day” and slipped it in the teacher’s mailboxes at the start of the day. Again, for no particular reason I ran away giggling….



So that is this week’s task!  Stay tuned for next week when I eat a savory crepe instead of one covered in whipped cream and sugar! (I still will be eating a dessert crepe thought – don’t you worry!)


Have you ever done a pay it forward thing?

Tim Hortons or Starbucks?  Do you even know what Tim Horton’s is?


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