Week 8: Eat a Savoury Crepe

This week’s 52 things was a Food challenge: Eat a savoury crepe!

I’ve had crepes often – but mostly with fruit/sweet items or plain with some maple syrup. I am not a fan of breakfast foods to begin with, so a crepe with cheese/meat on it was not something of interest to me. Plus, if you are going to give me an option of savoury vs. sweet, I will pick sweet almost every time.

We go to Creperie Catherine in the Mont Tremblant village pretty much every year. Normally I hit the restaurant at least once a visit, but last year we went twice! But usually I choose a crepe with sweet toppings and/or fruit. One I like is a crepe pilled with ice cream, whipped cream and drizzled with creme de menthe and chocolate sauce. So good! The creperie is really small, so if you are going to go, you might as well go early, otherwise you are going to be faced with a line-up!


So looking at the menu, there were tons of options. There were cheese and asparagus, cheese and mushroom, crepes filled with seafood, and a crepe dish with smoked salmon. I choose a Apple-Sausage crepe filled with breakfast sausage and Granny Smith apples. The crepe also had cheddar cheese and was smothered in bechamel sauce. Luckily the creperie is really quick at getting food out, so our crepes had arrived in no time. P got a greek-inspired crepe and Max had a cheese and ham crepe. All were inhaled very quickly.

My crepe was pretty good. I could have done without the sausage honestly. It was the bechamel sauce that made the dish. The sauce with the freshly made crepe was heavenly. I could have done with a few more apple slices too – because you can never have enough apples on a crepe!


I would honestly say that I prefer the sweet crepes over the savoury variety. Because crepes can be very filling, we did not get a dessert crepe and I felt a little sad that I did not have a crepe smothered in sauce and whipped cream. Oh well – maybe next year when we come up 🙂

So that is this week’s challenge! Stay tuned for another post on our Mont Tremblant adventures!

Have you ever tried a savoury crepe?
Have you been up to Mont Tremblant?
Sweet or Savoury

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  1. Julie @ Sweetly Balanced

    Yummm!! I’ve had fancy crepes at restaurants before, but not very often. You’re making me think I should definitely eat these more bc from what I remember they were super tasty!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Do it! Soooo yummy!!

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