Fashion Faux Pas Day

Here it is folks – what you have been waiting for….

Drum Roll:






My Outfit



Awesome-sauce don’t you think?


Ok – so details on the outfit:

The Sweater – Don’t you just love the sweater? I may have squeeled with delight when I found this gem at the Value Village. It just screams bad fashion with the colours, croceted flowers, tassles and a little mirror on the elephant. Most people thought that the sweater was the best part of the outfit.

The Pants – I don’t know what material the pants are? Velvet? Another great Value Village find. According to the tag they are “fitness pants” – not sure what kind of fitness I would be doing in these bad boys!


The Socks and crocs – Crocs belong to P, the socks belong to me.



They are not just colourful socks – they are SpongeBob Socks!!! Ohhhh yea!


The Fanny Pack – Courtesy of P again – every child of the 80’s needs a fanny pack!

The “Bling” – the yellow necklace is from Value Village, the rest are mine. Too many necklaces = fashion faux pas!


Bad Hair and Make-up: I have my hair up with a pony tail in the back, held together by a white bow (which you cannot see). Classy! To extend that class a bit farther, I put on blue eyeshadow right up to my eyebrows and wore pink lipsticks!

Look, I made some friends!!!


What do you think???

Tomorrow is Spirit day with the juniors and seniors wearing blue and orange – Staff will be wearing tropical wear!

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  1. Lori

    Yowzas! That’s AMAZING!! Way to commit! (Although the crocs took it too far; they should be obliterated from the earth!)

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I get way too into dress up days!

  2. Nicole

    You look hideous!! I love it though!

    I think those pants are velour? That sweater is just… wow! I can’t believe someone actually wore that!

    Your outfit was definitely the worst!! Hope you didn’t have to go anywhere after work in that! What did daycare say when you dropped off/picked up Max?

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I know!! Who would even make that sweater?!?!

      Haha – no, I dressed up at school and just wore sweatpants/a hoodie to school. I did go to the local market with the eye make-up still on. The kids were daring me to go to the Tim Hortons and order a coffee 😉


    That is just entirely too much!
    LOVED the fanny pack!
    LOVE the socks! You must have been a hit at school!!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I was! I am known for dressing up though 🙂 Some people couldn’t walk past my room without bursting out laughing


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