Running Update

K – I know it isn’t Tuesday, but I kind of think it is Tuesday – so Running update it is!  (I’m on March Break right now aka “holidays”).

I went out for my first outdoor run in a long long time. It was perfect weather – somewhat cloudy with a temp hovering at the zero point. I ran in my MEC running pants, my Army Run long-sleeved tech shirt and my Running Room jacket. I also wore a hat and mitts, but took the mitts on and off the entire time.


The only thing with the recent warm temperatures in the Ottawa area and running on a day where it hovers at freezing is sidewalk ice. All the runoff from the giant-sized snowbanks makes for nice little puddles of ice. I almost wiped out numerous times, so much that on the way back I had to walk over the icy bits. Not fun! Hurry up Spring!  Other than that, the run was good minus the actually running part 🙂

In the “off-season” I rarely run – maybe 1-2 times a week if that. Almost all runs are done on a treadmill and because I have timing issues – I have yet to get more than 3K in on a treadmill. The last time I ran 5K was on New Year’s Eve – so it has been awhile!  I ran 5K today in 33:56 with an average pace of 6:48 per Km. The first and last Km were pretty average for me – but I was just running around my Condo corp. and not on the actual street yet. Once I hit the sidewalks – I went downhill in terms of speed and a 7:00 km and a 8:14 km – those are more like Chariot-running times than solo times. Gotta love winter running!


I took a different route this morning as I did not feel like attempting to go down the one street I went down last week. It was probably a good thing because I’m sure the sidewalks would have been all ice. At least with the path I took km 1 and 5 were on a road. It was nice to take a different route for a change! I might make it option 3 for spring training 🙂 Another nice thing about this run was that I remembered to charge my Garmin this morning!  I haven’t had that baby on for quite some time (reminder: I ran my last two races blind). I didn’t glance at it too much, I more used it to find my 2.5 KM mark (which was conveniently a major road – it always turns out like that in my neighbourhood).

Looks fine - but that is ice!

Looks fine – but that is ice!

So this weekend is the Running Room St. Patrick’s Day Run!  Are you running it?  I hope so!  Looks like there will be a good crowd there. The temperature is looking ok – about -6 (which will probably be more like -12 or so at that time of day) and sunny. Bundle up I guess? I’m on my way to the party store to get some more green supplies 😉

Have a great day everyone!

– Do you have a race this weekend?

– What did you do today?

– Do you watch Mad Men? I’m getting in to it (thanks Netflix!)


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    No races this weekend… My parents are coming to town, though! Woot!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      That sounds like fun! 🙂

  2. Mary

    Hope the weather is better than it is today for the Saint Patrick’d Day Run! I’m ready with some green supplies myself!! Always a fun part of the race 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I have a green tutu ready 🙂

      I think we are going to have a cold run :’-( Bundle up!!


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