Spirit Week Fun

Hi everyone!

Finally sitting in front of the computer after an afternoon of no computer!  I had a meeting across town today which required a bit of driving (took about an hour to get home – blah) and of course a 3-hr meeting 🙂 Good times!!  I did stop by the McD’s on the way to the meeting to pick up a Happy Meal. Yup – I sure did order a Happy Meal like a champ! I even got milk! Since when did they include a yoghurt in the box?  Bad news about traveling to a meeting is that I did not get to the gym today. Doesn’t matter too much though as I am bound to get my butt whooped at floor hockey tomorrow.



Also – a small note on how much gear I take to work with me.  I think anyone that trains after work probably has the same amount of stuff. I also never utilize the trunk (it is dirty) nor the backseat (just lazy)


So as mentioned before – it is spirit week at my school. Today was “Holiday Day” and yesterday was “Twin Day”. For Twin Day, myself and two friends wore a polka dot sweater and jeans combo. We realized a couple of weeks ago that my co-worker and I both had very similar sweaters. So twin day was easy! After work yesterday I went to Value Village to pick up some supplies for Holiday Day and tomorrow’s much anticipated “Fashion Faux Pas Day” – Let me tell you – my outfit for tomorrow is ridiculous on SO many levels!  I think I may have outdone myself!  I will of course take a picture and let you all see my bad fashion sense tomorrow!




For the rest of the night, it is all about relaxin’. Mr. D is on in under an hour and I have some reading material that arrived today! Well – I picked up the Food and Drink magazine at the LCBO (the place where one has to buy alcohol here in Ontario-land). I also have a huge mess to clean up thanks to Mr. Max!

"I'm innocent!!"

“I’m innocent!!”



Hope you all have a great evening!

When was the last time you ordered a Happy Meal?

What magazine subscriptions do you receive?

Do you have fun dress up days at your place of work?

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  1. Jade

    I get runners world and self magazine. Definitely no fun dress up days for me at city hall. No fun at all in fact!

  2. TorontoRunner

    It’s been sooo long since I’ve gotten a happy meal…but I always have such great childhood memories at Mcdonald’s! 😀

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      lol – this was my first happy meal in years….the price was right and I just wanted a snack 🙂

  3. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    Happy Meals are the perfect size, really (unfortunately!).
    I get Rachael Ray, Women’s Running, and Running Times in the mail. I’d like to get Runner’s World, too.
    I cannot wait to see your pics tomorrow!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      getting all my things together for tomorrow and crying laughing. so bad, so very very bad

  4. Brittany

    I haven’t subscribed to any magazines since I was in High School reading Cosmopolitan!! I do love me some Runners World, but I just read it whenever I am at the book store or if my boyfriend buys a copy! Soo fun with the spirit week outfits!!


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